MediaPort Overview

If you're in the business of corporate marketing and communications, you know how challenging it can be to manage your day to day operations. With reduced budgets, smaller teams, tighter timelines, and increased workloads, don't you wish you could find a push-button solution that automates many of the things you do each day?

MediaPort helps you work smarter, not harder.

Can you easily locate your company's logos, training videos or that image you used last month in your corporate newsletter in less than 2 minutes? How about creating a brochure, business card or entire direct mail campaign in less than 5 minutes.

Unfortunately, there really isn't an enterprise App that consolodates everything you do in one location, allowing you to organize all of your digital assets, unify your corporate communications and automate your marketing and print requirements. Until Now.

MediaPort is a completely automated and integrated online Marketing and Communications App.

MediaPort's core engine is comprised of a digital and media asset library that lets you upload and manage all of your company's creative and digital assets. Digital assets can vary from simple logo designs to images used in corporate communications including store schematics and inventory for franchised locations. You can even upload entire libraries of sales and training videos or products you have for sale in either business to business or business to consumer environments.

Utilizing Your Digital Assets, and more...

Once your assets are uploaded to the MediaPort library, they're immediately available on the web for the purpose of downloading, viewing or Marketing Communications. In just minutes, you can create corporately branded and fully customized web to print material on the fly or create custom email blasts. You can also automate your corporate communications, inventory or sell your products and services online in just a few simple steps.

The MediaPort app also allows you to integrate your company's web and social media while giving you a central communication hub that lets you collaborate with all the people you communicate with every day. MediaPort is made up of modular plugins within a secure environment. You can choose what plugin feature suit you best such as digital and media asset management, interactive web to print, online chat, variable data marketing, Virtual Trade Shows, ecommerce, training and a whole lot more.

Built from the groud up over the past 5 years, MediaPort has been developed as a business application that is designed to compliment your existing online initiatives and not meant to replace your current online investment. We know that Marketing and Communication is central to your organization and the MediaPort team will provide you the tools and support to communicate, integrate and automate your entire marketing department within your organization.

All this in one easy to use application, saving your company time and money and administrative burden while increasing efficiency, brand integrity, sales and profitability.

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MediaPort Client Deployments...

Print and Fulfillment Services

MediaPort is a division of Media Vision and fully supported under the Media-Vision corporate umbrella. As such, MediaPort related print and fulfillment material can be conveniently and competitively fulfilled through integration with Media-Vision as your preferred vendor, providing your company with a single point of contact and accountability.

Media-Vision operates a fully integrated 45,000 square foot full service production facility for the purpose of fulfilling print, packaging, digital, large format and point of sale material to national and international customers.

For added convenience, your company can also add preferred vendors outside of Media-Vision for fulfilling products or services through MediaPort. The choice is yours as our objective is complete customer satisfaction.

For more info, please call our toll free number at 1-877-667-7377 and ask for EXT 246.

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